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New 29-03, 11:35
glad u r alive fb
New 27-03, 23:17
oh man i guess i made a mistake picking easynews over giganews lol
New 27-03, 23:13
invasion and brazil i have also seen
New 27-03, 23:13
and i will take, i do not usually very keen about certain directors, i watch just what someone recommends or you hear from soemone, at times you end up watching a gem
New 27-03, 23:12
but rest i have not
New 27-03, 23:12
the man from earth i also have seen
New 27-03, 23:12
saw twelve monkey long long time ago, and also saw the series based on it
New 27-03, 22:25
i have seen some different stuff also, but i will try this one
New 27-03, 22:24
have you seen being john malkowich
New 27-03, 22:24
yes mostly, or fantasy like LOTR stuf
New 27-03, 22:21
now that looks interesting, but question is to get it from where
New 27-03, 22:18
recommend me something
New 27-03, 22:13
but i like SCI FI and Fantasy, that is for sure
New 27-03, 22:13
i dont have a netflix lol
New 27-03, 22:09
but if you like LOTR then trust me, its way way way better than that, way way way bbetter than game of Throns and no PORN in it too
New 27-03, 22:09
yea but it was years away from now and now that we have this virus issue, idk when it will be out
New 27-03, 22:06
it has 15 books as thick as each of LOTR, and its mother of all fantasy, Amazon is making a series out of it.. if we survive that is
New 27-03, 22:06
no Sir, Wheel of Time by Robart Jordan
New 27-03, 22:04
you are missing one, WOT ..and if you do not know about that, it will really be sad
New 27-03, 22:00
for now i only know about one, the one in which we are living in ..perhaps there can be more.. this universe shit conversation can get very sketchy
New 27-03, 21:54
the probability is very high, considering the size of the universe.. no?
New 27-03, 21:51
and would not aliens have gender also ?
New 27-03, 21:50
an alien***
New 27-03, 21:49
lol, you are a guy, right
New 27-03, 21:39
its a wonderful nick, who knows may be you are the ONE
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