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New 13-12, 20:50
Hi FB, any plans for the upcoming Christimas holidays? Are u going to take a break? Cheers!Q
New 17-11, 17:14
Hi FB, getting a database error when trying to access the HQ section
New 15-11, 06:37
Thanks FB foir all the hardwork and dedication in fulfilling our request..thanks buddy!
New 14-11, 15:47
Hi FB, I've rejoined the VIP section as gold member..cheers!
New 13-10, 19:15
Hello Fire, hope ur having a good day. Cheers!
New 01-10, 00:37
Hope its not cataract
New 30-09, 22:01
Keeping you in my prayers for this eye ailment to go away
New 30-09, 22:00
I hope it's nothing serious
New 30-09, 22:00
retina disease? Woah, is it curable?
New 30-09, 20:23
Hi FB, hope ur having a good day. God bless!
New 16-09, 00:02
Sup FB, dropping a line to wish you well...have a good week ahead! Cheers!
New 05-09, 17:55
Hello FB, how are you. Hope ur doing well. May God continue to bless you and your family.