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New 08-12, 17:07
yep . risky guy
New 08-12, 16:54
bozo88 troll ALERT!
New 08-12, 16:54
Sapientia funny guy :P
New 08-12, 16:54
bozo88 seems like scammer him self , his paypal acount not verified as well . year or 2 back he joined here paying with who knows paypal acount . i did give him full refund . i have feeling his doing it on other forums as well
New 08-12, 15:05
just the requests justify the vip price!
New 08-12, 14:21
you save a lot of money, trust us
New 08-12, 14:21
they are right, the price for 1 month vip is better than paying membership for the sites themselves
New 08-12, 13:22
The_Oracle is abusing the passes :(
New 08-12, 12:21
Most new passes and even older ones work for a while. But some sites die really fast. The price you pay for VIP is more than okay, just think that a pass for brazzers would cost more alone and that you get 4 requests with longliving passes.Imhappy withVIP
New 08-12, 09:47
you replied to 24 posts in the last 3 hours or so...were they all dead?
New 08-12, 09:45
We have one of the Largest VIP customers in the net and due to that many of those passes die rather faster than other forums....however, if you are the first person to respond to a post and you find the passes dead....please bring it to our attention
New 08-12, 09:40
have any of your requested sites passes dead in the first place?
New 08-12, 09:39
Hi bozo88, as you know passes die fast...some die even faster....so please if there is a site that you like make a request and we make sure that pass will be only for you
New 08-12, 08:15
so whats the point of having a vip i dont undestand this is bs. wish i could get a refund but i know i cant :(think your options before you sign up for vip
New 08-12, 08:14
literally every pass i have tried doesnt work
New 08-12, 07:59
why not remove bad passes . if you need a moderator i can volunteer to remove bad passes
New 08-12, 07:59
this board is a scam. tried like 10 sextreme passes from vip section and are all expired ?
New 08-12, 00:17
sent you pm 9 hrs ago, check please
New 08-12, 00:10
thx mate, you are best
New 07-12, 23:22
New 07-12, 18:31
xbuster sent
New 07-12, 13:30
can someone provide me xubster premium account?
New 04-12, 21:15
Thx firebird
New 04-12, 01:19
Firebird pm sent
New 03-12, 15:51
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