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New 04-01, 20:08
Yeah, SemiTurgid was a cool guy...very obliging..whenever I couldn't crack a site, he would gladly share passwords with me..man I miss him..
New 04-01, 20:08
well the internet as we all know today started in 1996-7
New 04-01, 20:07
Back then in the 90s, most sites had popup logins until the crackers started cracking these sites easily which eventually led to more and more sites adopting html based logins.LOL
New 04-01, 20:06
New 04-01, 20:06
i never saw him agian or chat wth him since 2004 0r someting
New 04-01, 20:05
internet was more innocent
New 04-01, 20:05
Do you still keep in touch with Semiturgid? Is he on this forum?
New 04-01, 20:04
i remember everyting
New 04-01, 20:03
i do
New 04-01, 19:55
FireBird: Remember SemiTurgid from #xxxpasxwords? He was the one who got me interested in cracking..LOL..I remember him as a kind, giving guy..I hope he alive and well...
New 04-01, 19:52
Those were the good old days of IRC...man, i miss those days..
New 04-01, 19:51
I also remember that TurBot eventually became more popular than the bot ^Zima^ on #xxxpassword channel
New 04-01, 19:50
I remember back in those days, I'd stay up late to post passwords to TurBot so that I could get passwords to sites I didn't have..
New 04-01, 19:47
FireBird: I haven't been on XPW IRC channel. Is it still around? Is TurBot alive? I miss that BOT..used to give me pws to some of the best sites...man I miss the good old days!
New 04-01, 19:44
Long Live FireBird and XPW!! LOL
New 04-01, 19:40
This is the ONLY password forum I've paid to join as a VIP forum because it's the BEST in the WORLD..PERIOD!
New 04-01, 19:38
Sapientia: Nope..Im a FireBird fan and friend since the good old days. Was one of the first members to join this forum! LOL
New 04-01, 19:04
na he is chinoz from irc from the old good days
New 04-01, 18:59
xpwlover = firebird undercover ?
New 04-01, 18:52
Wanna say that XPWBoard is the best password forum in the WOLRD! Happy New Year guys!
New 04-01, 18:30
any vip needs k2s pass . msg me
New 04-01, 16:00
TurBoT, irc efnet NOW
New 04-01, 01:47
I havent been on irc since 1954... nah don't really remember, but was long ago!
New 04-01, 01:45
nothing much;no activity
New 04-01, 01:09
whats happening on irc? havent been on efnet since 2009 :D
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