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New 09-01, 00:17
welcome back
New 08-01, 23:38
thanks firebird
New 08-01, 04:38
New 08-01, 04:37
i need teencoreclub pass
New 04-01, 21:13
I remember that internet in the 90's was pay per minute and very expensive. like 1 euro per 10 minutes or so.
New 04-01, 21:12
"AHHHHHHH.....Fresh Meat!"..LOL
New 04-01, 21:11
also, i remember that Diablo 1 was the shit when it first came out.. was a scary RPG game with graphics considered great at that time..
New 04-01, 21:04
for my tears..in case u guys are wondering..LOL
New 04-01, 21:01
i need a tissue...
New 04-01, 20:55
yeah...man fond memories of those good old days makes me nostalgic and sentimental now..
New 04-01, 20:53
its amazing how years fly by
New 04-01, 20:53
everyone use yahho and altavsta
New 04-01, 20:52
google was nothing at 1997
New 04-01, 20:52
altavsta search engish was bigger then google back in the days
New 04-01, 20:48
before google, my favourite search engine was HotBot..it could find information that other search engines couldn't find..
New 04-01, 20:45
I remember having fun with the nuke application..LOL..
New 04-01, 20:45
New 04-01, 20:45
to those who don't know what nuking is..
New 04-01, 20:34
when you got Nuked, it would kill ur internet connection and you had to restarted ur PC to resolve it,,
New 04-01, 20:33
New 04-01, 20:32
and then there was an application that could Nuke certain irc users who were using old versions of IRC..
New 04-01, 20:32
chanels used to flood one each other
New 04-01, 20:32
there was many users with botnets back then .
New 04-01, 20:31
channel moderators had to install anti-flooding scripts..LOL
New 04-01, 20:30
I also remember going into an IRC channel i didn't like and flooding it..LOL..until I got banned...AHAHAHA
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