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New 17-10, 09:32
fapping is not good
New 17-10, 09:32
New 16-10, 21:37
manyvids?? cracking manyvids?? it's possible??
New 16-10, 20:27
New 16-10, 19:44
New 16-10, 16:24
actually there is a add on called "onlyfan downloader" on chrome and it gets the job done pretty nicely
New 16-10, 15:44
internet download manager
New 16-10, 14:20
someone know how download from onlyfans
New 15-10, 22:30
pm check ;)
New 15-10, 22:29
I was using home pc
New 15-10, 22:26
they were giving 20 gb quota per 2 days and I was downloading 10 gb per day and I got banned :)
New 15-10, 22:25
one day I tried to download with my own account which I bought and I saw "you are banned please contact admin" warning
New 15-10, 22:24
very interesting while downloading? Are you using vds virtual server?
New 15-10, 22:23
New 15-10, 22:23
florenfile = Did you buy from their site?
New 15-10, 22:22
New 15-10, 22:22
their admin wrote me that "I am sure you have a blog or you are a poster for forums you leech florenfile content and post them with other filehosts to make money"
New 15-10, 22:22
that I might be leecher for keep2share or rapidgator lol
New 15-10, 22:21
I emailed them to ask why and they told me that I was downloading too many files so they were suspicious
New 15-10, 22:21
they all ended up being banned :)
New 15-10, 22:21
I tried everyway :) I asked for pass I bought their premium membership
New 15-10, 22:20
yes, there is no debrid that supports florenfile properly, you are right, I bought it from the seller on this site and I am very satisfied. ;)
New 15-10, 22:20
@draconian yeah bro
New 15-10, 22:16
none of the leechers or debrids can support those filehost because admin bans almost all accounts after a while
New 15-10, 22:15
the most interesting filehost is florenfile it's run by a paranoid soul sick man
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