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New 16-03, 15:54
it just continues
New 16-03, 15:47
New 09-03, 21:45
nice Fire ... its been 6+ months since I last had one :D thanks
New 08-03, 23:52
MrBrownXXX says here in chatbox leechers are fuckers and needs to be reported, but what about posters in VIP that steal passes from other forums? is that ok?
New 04-03, 17:16
you can always pay off the admins that will secure you, just look at the_oracle :D
New 12-02, 23:53
oh ah Benfica win their round in Cham.L. ? nah guess not :D
New 11-02, 16:27
nah im not .. football then
New 11-02, 16:23
yea thats crazy in pro soccer
New 11-02, 16:12
turn off your pc oracle thats the best help you can give FB
New 10-02, 00:21
PORTOgese you mean :D ?
New 09-02, 20:51
with onions?
New 09-02, 20:50
benfica is a pizza?
New 04-02, 14:49
u sure can in VIP starport
New 12-01, 17:21
just find an IDM rls with patch?
New 12-01, 16:56
buy the software! dont be a dick using hacked passwords for porn and cracked software to download with :D
New 04-01, 18:59
xpwlover = firebird undercover ?
New 04-01, 01:09
whats happening on irc? havent been on efnet since 2009 :D
New 31-12, 11:37
tatboy666 u need to join VIP
New 30-12, 14:41
draconian anything is requestable and you probably wont find any other place with this kind of hit rate for requests!
New 22-12, 21:23
New 23-09, 08:47
@kikky did you try with IE or Edge browsers? they worked for me.
New 22-09, 20:17
kikky I have the same shit with captcha .. I now use Anti-Captcha and it works awesome, next I will try DeathByCaptcha