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New 17-11, 16:18
vips hxxp://
New 09-11, 19:56
if anyone here invite u to other site or forum . please msg and tell me about the user nick
New 06-11, 00:42
not bad man . hows it going with u
New 05-11, 20:56
for the vips that ask for dawnsplace . this site die realy fast and takes time to get . what will do is . il get a pass and mrbrown will rip the site vids and pics updates . and then will upload it to our hosts and share with u guys
New 09-10, 15:05
vip area is back . time to msg me to rejoin !
New 23-09, 18:01
most of them are shit . but i found someting good
New 23-09, 18:01
many usa uk canada chanels around the world . Movies sporrs live shows .. better then direct tv when tge iptv company are good and stable
New 23-09, 17:57
iptv its a many live chanels pack one small file that u can load to vlc or other iptv progrem . U can view it anywere . Pc . Android device . Ect
New 22-09, 11:49
other browser give me hard time with it as well
New 22-09, 11:48
kiky best browser to deal with it is firefox . Install and restart ur pc . use captcha stuff only with that browser
New 18-09, 13:17
it has evilangel billing system . means it will die after a day
New 18-09, 13:16
will get u vividflix no worries
New 18-09, 07:53
inspiration to be strong minded
New 18-09, 07:52
New 17-09, 16:00
welcome back vinny
New 17-09, 07:58
vip is back . everyone msg me to join back ! its an order
New 15-09, 16:25
check pm vinny
New 15-09, 12:32
hi sebastian . nice to see u around mate
New 15-09, 12:31
got better with my eyes . Jax thanks . vip is back .
New 15-09, 12:13
welcome back jax
New 15-09, 11:09
my doctor said il need to take it easy . so please be gentle with me
New 15-09, 01:09
vip is back . all former vips and users should msg me to join back . it will take me some time to get back on rhythm . do not private msg me with requests for now . u guys put them in request area . and il try them when i can .
New 15-09, 01:09
for now dont msg me for clip requests
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